15 minutes Free Consultation for New Clients

Salient features

Free Consultation has the following salient features:

  • Only for new clients
  • Specially tailored assignment to one of our consultants.
  • 15 minutes of consultation.
  • Sign up now and book your session with one of our experts to get started.

Free Consultation does NOT include any of the following: document review, drafting, revision, out-of-office contacts or phone calls to third parties or counsel, correspondence drafting.


Before venturing into the world of financial markets, it is very important to understand which plan on offer would be the perfect fit for your particular financial situation. Therefore, we offer a free consultation session where we discuss your goals, outline your targets, and assess your risks.

The initial consultation is designed to help clients put into perspective what is essential to them, and how to achieve it within a reasonable timeframe that matches their criteria and preferences.

There are plenty of individuals interested in learning about stocks and trading, as well as many that are interested in the commodities and indices market. Some only like to trade in Forex. However, nowadays the cryptocurrency market has soared in popularity, which has attracted many new clients willing to learn the ins and outs of trade.

There are also many people who have been left disappointed and unsatisfied with their experiences with trading. This is mostly due to not having researched the broker properly beforehand, which leads to the loss of hard-earned money due to unprofessional advice or putting faith in the wrong company.

We ease the load off your back by presenting a full report on your trading strategy, brokerage account, profit and loss forecast, and much more. The initial consultation also enables clients to then open an account with a trusted and reputable broker. Additionally, trading systems will also be set up in accordance with the client’s cryptocurrency wallets. The client will also be fully instructed on how to use and operate the trading platforms so that he/she can continue trading with confidence.

This service is also suitable for customers who have already encountered unscrupulous trading companies or sellers. The price includes an hour of consultation and a case report. In this report, we will describe all the actions that need to be taken on your part. It will also include a strategic plan and all the information that will be useful to you in working on your case.

At T&H our fundamental purpose is to give you the best attention and quality of service. As such, you can always discuss your needs and concerns with our agents, who will be more than happy to listen to and assist you.

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