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Many clients who come to us fell victim to cryptocurrency scams without even knowing. As scammers improve upon and diversify their methods, cryptocurrencies become a more integral tool that they use to get away with their actions. In some cases, clients are advised by fraudsters to send money to cryptocurrency exchanges. This leads to many sending the money believing that they are purchasing goods or services, only to then find out that their money was exchanged for non-fiat currency. As such, banks are no longer liable for those payments and do not have chargeback rights over them, as laid out by the major card providers, Visa and Mastercard. In the end, this is a way for the suspects to protect themselves due to the complexity of recovering the converted money.

When this happens, the only way to proceed is to contact the beneficiary crypto exchanges in order to request additional information regarding the wallet addresses that the client sent their cryptocurrency to.  This process might sound simple on paper, but its execution is another matter entirely. It depends on myriad factors ranging from the country where the cryptocurrency exchange is based, which jurisdictions and laws they follow, and how the exchange platform responds to requests. On some occasions, police intervention and assistance in obtaining the wallet addresses becomes necessary. Fortunately, some cryptocurrency exchanges are willing to cooperate and provide the information requested of them from the get-go.

Our team is well versed and experienced in the handling of cases where the clients cannot provide wallet addresses. Until now, we have been very successful in obtaining any missing wallet addresses pertaining to our cases.

At T&H our fundamental purpose is to provide you with the highest quality attention and services. You can always contact our agents, who will be more than happy to assist you in your needs and reassure you should you have any doubts.

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