Dispute Settlement “Special Package”

Salient features

Dispute Settlement “Special Package” is characterized by the following conditions:

  • First free consultation call with our recovery specialist
  • We will match the client with the consultant who best fits their needs
  • Personalized attention throughout the whole process with the consultant responsible for your case
  • Consultation time is limited by mutual agreement
  • The number of investigations, statements, reports are decided on an individual basis
  • The cost depends on the above factors, as well as on the complexity of the case and is approved bilaterally.



Even though our packages are designed to cover all the bases, it is sometimes necessary to specialize and adjust our cases according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Since every case is unique, not all of our clients need to make use of every facet of T&H’s default packages.

This might be due to several reasons, such as when clients take the initiative on their own, before deciding to contact us. In such cases, it is unnecessary to create a case report or conduct a full investigation. Instead, reports and letters would suffice to resolve the issues presented by the case. For these reasons, we have created this “Special Package” in which the client, after discussing the circumstances of his/her case, decides on how to best benefit from our assistance.

Additionally, many clients turn to us after problems with several unscrupulous organizations that may have some kind of connection with one another. In such cases, it is important to consider and analyze the various aspects of the case before commencing the investigation, so as to not waste precious time. Special cases such as these require an innovative and unique approach, as well as collaboration with the relevant authorities, jurisdictions, and legal organizations. This is best achieved through specialists and experts, such as the ones at our disposal.

You can discuss the relevant factors of your case with your assigned account manager so that we can create the package that best suits your needs and that allows us to achieve your goals. Our team will be more than happy to listen to your concerns and clarify any doubts that you may have.

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