Expert Witness for Cryptocurrency


In cases involving cryptocurrencies where it has been decided to escalate it to the competent authorities and a process with a court is taking place, the assistance of an expert witness may help judges and juries understand how these currencies work and which regulations, if any, apply.

Cryptocurrency expert witnesses can help the authorities- who often have little to no knowledge of blockchain technology- to understand the particularities of the cryptos, how they function as currency, how they can be traced, and how the details of their use might be tracked, erased or altered. Here, an expert may be asked to testify or may support a legal team by helping attorneys and their staff understand how cryptocurrencies work.

In Lostcoin we are a team that counts with certified experts for matters involving cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We’re available to offer expert witness testimony in cases connected to blockchain technology.

At Lostcoin our team members have accredited experts for matters involving cryptocurrency and chain analysis. We deliver comprehensive cryptocurrency analysis and conduct investigations to present customized reports and case responses for clients. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are often complex and specialized which is why we offer easy-to-understand explanations, so that judges and law enforcement officers with no knowledge of such can easily understand the situation at hand, and the case can progress.  

Our cybercrime investigators have operated in many jurisdictions internationally, including most of Europe, Australia, the U.K., the USA, New Zealand, and many more. We have dealt with hundreds of cases, have dozens of legal connections, and more importantly, are Chainalysis Reactors Certified (CRC) that we utilize to reach successful outcomes. 

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