Financial Ombudsman Application

We prepare the whole package of documents for submission to the Financial Ombudsman. We optimize your claim to get the maximum possible compensation from your bank, broker, or other financial institutions.

Under the Financial Ombudsman Application service we provide our customers with:

  • Case assessment by our specialist based on the submitted documents and completed forms.
  • Preparation of a package of documents for submission to the Financial ombudsman
price £449.00

Many brokers and banks commit fraud every year. That’s why our specialists will help you in the following cases:

  • When a broker deceived you by making ungrounded promises before signing a contract, or violated terms of the contract and did not return your money or compensate you for losses;
  • When a bank closed your account without cautioning or communicating with you first;
  • When a bank refused your dispute groundlessly;
  • When a bank didn’t warn you or didn’t take necessary action to protect you as a client;
  • And other.

If you have a dispute with your financial services provider, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This service is free of charge and might help you solve your problem. You can do it on your own, but if you want to maximize your chances to reach a positive result – use our Financial Ombudsman Application service.

Our expert will give you his professional opinion on whether your case has the potential for a successful outcome and assist you in preparing all necessary documents and forms.

Financial Ombudsman Application service makes your application to the Financial Ombudsman as smooth as possible. We do all the hard work for you and assess your case, prepare necessary supporting documents and complete the application form with you.

Our mission is to provide our customers with comprehensive support in the claim to receive compensation for damages from a broker, bank, or other financial institution. More than 200 applications were prepared for resolving disputes with banks and brokers in the last quarter.

When it comes to the financial ombudsman, many clients are not fully aware or informed of the functions of this entity. They are also unaware of their rights when dealing with said institutions. We help the client in knowing his rights and how to make sure they are properly acted upon when dealing with financial institutions such as these. We assist the client in the preparation and processing of the package of documents with the ombudsman depending on which organization you are entering into a dispute with, in what jurisdiction, type of complaint, and what stages of settlement you have already gone through.

At T&H our fundamental purpose is to give you the best attention and quality of service. As such, you can always discuss your needs and concerns with our team, who will be more than happy to listen to and assist you.

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