DMG Trust offers excellent investing conditions for all its Spot Metals without burdening you with additional foreign exchange exposure on Gold and Silver. We also offer spot metals in both USD and EUR as a 1% margin on Gold and Silver.

The idea behind investing in precious metals is that it protects your portfolio against inflation. Historically, people look to commodities like gold in times of economic turmoil. That’s why, in recent years, gold and other metals have gained popularity.

Investing in commodities like gold or silver keeps your portfolio balanced, proponents say. So when the value of the Dollar decreases, at least part of your portfolio will retain its value, despite the deflation.



DMGTrust also offers trading in popular energies, including Brent and Crude oil.

There are many reasons to invest in energy and all its related sectors and companies. Energy is always in demand; its use is expected to grow; and investing in energy gives you opportunities to shape the future while earning income.

Valued at around $7 trillion globally, energy is the most valuable market segment on earth. Delivery of usable forms of energy to the world’s seven billion people is responsible for 10% of the world’s annual gross domestic product.